2020 Achievements, 2021 Resolutions

IT’S A NEW YEAR! We’re so excited for what this year will bring, particularly when we look back at everything we achieved in 2020. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to give our wonderful patients an update on the goals our team members have made for the new year, as well as their accomplishments from the last!


Our Reflections And Goals Roadmap For 2021

Dr. Anna Krendler, Dentist
1.  “Run (or walk, lol🤭) 30 min 3-4 times a week and strength training 3 times a week. 
2.  Master advanced endo, comprehensive treatment planning, clear aligner and dental photography courses to provide the best treatment options and case documentation for my patients.  Sooo excited about all of these courses😍 🥰 🤩
3.  Improve my posture and stress management through regular meditation, nature walks and dance yoga practice🧘
4. Further develop my team building and leadership skills…”


Tenzin, Hygienist

“My New Year’s resolution is to live in balance. It’s very easy to tip the balance between work, health, play, and loved ones that we forget sometimes. It’s important to stabilize the energy you put into these various aspects of your life. Ever since Covid happened, it has been an eye-opening experience for me. I discovered I should focus more on the health aspect, both mentally and physically.”


MJ, Office Manager
1. “I wanted to focus on improving my cake decorating skills during the 2020 year, as it had become an interest for me in late 2019. 
2. The lockdown helped me keep busy with promoting my baking page and I was able to consistently complete several orders weekly, and improve my decorating skills tremendously. 
3. My 2021 resolution is to take more time to myself and practice self-care. As a soon-to-be mom, I’d like to cherish these last few months as an individual before I step into this new chapter in life.  
4. In 2021 I’m hoping to be more patient with myself and not to hold such high expectations as I take on this new role of becoming a first-time mom!


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Dr. Alida Andersen, Dentist
How did you do at achieving your goals for 2020?

“I believe I achieved a lot of the goals I set for this year. I try to set goals that are realistic but also know that it is something I really want to achieve and willing to put the effort in. They are combination of things I am truly passionate about and want to achieve. Once you really want something that is important to you, working towards those goals and achieving them becomes easier.”

What were you aiming for and what did you do to get there?

“One thing I wanted to do was to stay positive and accept things that are out of my control. For instance, accepting our current life with COVID and making the best of what we have at this time, made this past year easier than it could have been. Here is one publication I have written in early spring during the first wave for the OD dentist journal regarding how to stay sane during trying times in case you are interested to read. Some points may still apply.”

You can read Dr. Andersen’s article here: COVID-19: Tips to Stay Positive During Trying Times (Reprinted with permission of the Ontario Dental Association and Ontario Dentist, 2020.)

“I wanted to continue being an advocate for greener living to help save our planet from the hazards of plastic pollution. Thus I continue to do whatever I can, to advocate and help inspire others to do the same. I’ve been doing that by raising awareness and giving alternative solutions to plastic waste through informative and motivational lectures, publications, and by making videos on my youtube channel (Alida Eco).

The key to being able to put so much volunteer work towards this goal is because it is following my passion, what you believe in and not caring for the outcome but the process. It doesn’t matter how many people will watch, read or listen to what I have produced or done, but knowing that I am doing what I love and believe in, and enjoying the process of doing it, it’s my driving force.”

What is your 2021 resolution?

“The same goes for this year’s resolution and achievements. I believe in order to get to where we want to be, we need to do the best we can, but also to follow our hearts. We need to accept that every success – whether it is to better at our job, going to the gym or being a better parent, partner or friend – takes effort. And there will be days that we feel we are stuck and have failed, but we just need to continue trying and not give up. Because no true success comes without previous failures.”



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What Are Your Goals This Year?

Now that we’ve told you about our goals for the new year, we want to hear about yours! Share your New Year’s resolutions on our Facebook or Instagram, and we look forward to seeing you this year!

Let’s all support each other in making our resolutions a reality!


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